When should I use Herbs and Natural Medicine?

Natural Medicine and herbal remedies as an alternative or complementary therapy to pharmaceutical drugs should be considered under several circumstances, including:

  1. To use in preventative therapies to help you stay healthy.
  2. Personal preference: Some individuals prefer to use natural remedies instead of pharmaceutical drugs, due to concerns about side effects, the desire for a more holistic approach to health, or cultural beliefs.
  3. Mild to moderate conditions: For mild to moderate health conditions, such as headaches, mild anxiety, and menstrual cramps, herbal remedies may be very effective and are often used as the first line of treatment.
  4. Lack of pharmaceutical options: In some cases, there may be limited or no pharmaceutical options for certain health conditions, and herbal remedies may be used as complementary therapy to help manage symptoms.
  5. Adverse effects of pharmaceutical drugs: In some cases, individuals may experience adverse effects from pharmaceutical drugs, and may turn to herbal remedies as an alternative.
  6. Cost: Herbal remedies can be less expensive than pharmaceutical drugs and may be a more accessible option for some individuals.
  7. Access: Some regions are healthcare “deserts” where few (or no) primary care providers are available. In these instances, herbs are often utilized for health care. Herbalists and other complementary and integrative medicine providers may provide effective support for non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries in the absence of licensed medical facilities and providers.

It is important to note that while herbal remedies can be effective in treating some health conditions, they may not be suitable for everyone and may interact with other medications. It is recommended to consult with a qualified herbalist or other healthcare provider before using herbal remedies, particularly if taking prescription medications.

For more information about the efficacy of natural medicine, please see the following articles.

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