Do I need magnesium?

Q.  How do I know if I am deficient in Magnesium?

A.   Twitches, tremors, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, difficulty getting to sleep and/or staying asleep, muscle cramps – these are a few of the signs that your body is low on magnesium.   It is estimated that 70% or more of the US population is chronically low on magnesium.  If your diet isn’t great (and most Americans don’t eat enough nutritionally dense foods to allow for enough magnesium and other vitamin and mineral intake) or if you drink 7 or more alcoholic drinks per week, you are putting yourself at risk for chronic depletion of both magnesium and vitamin D. If you crave sweets and eat lots of processed foods and carbs, you are likely very low in magnesium.

While I prefer to advise my clients to eat sufficient foods with magnesium instead of using supplements, it is not uncommon to have to supplement for at least a few months to get your levels up to normal, especially if you’re not increasing the magnesium with your food choices.  After that, maintaining a good diet with nutrient-dense meals should help you maintain optimal magnesium levels.

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