Herbal-Care Membership: 4-month plan


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Herbal-Care 3-month membership plan: includes an extensive medical history intake and initial telehealth visit, including recommendations for labs (blood work, urinalysis) or a review of labwork recently completed on the recommendation of another provider, a follow-up visit on those results, a written herbal medicine and/or nutrition plan to follow, up to 4 additional follow-up visits via secure telehealth visits after your initial intake visit, and unlimited questions via the practice portal messaging system.

Our herbalist’s qualifications include the successful completion of 2 years of specialized clinical herbal medicine studies and training, a 6-month internship with over 400 hours of client case experience, and instruction on human physiology, plant chemistry, dosing strategies, and holistic nutrition.  Our practice includes therapeutic strategies from Western herbalism, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic herbal medicine modalities.

What type of conditions can an herbalist treat and support? Our primary goal is to get to the root cause of why you’re not feeling your best! We provide advice, herbs, and nutritional recommendations to overcome Colds and Flu, Migraines, Sleep disorders, Musculoskeletal Pain, Chronic diseases, System imbalances and detoxification, Dermatological conditions, Neurological problems, Depression and anxiety, ADD & ADHD, issues arising from aging, and much more.

What is an herbalist?  What Is an Herbalist? What They Do, Training and Education, and When to See One (webmd.com)


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